The manufacturing division of our business is where all the magic begins and we’re firm believers in getting the basics right. This is why our stringent quality control procedures are monitored by our in-house laboratory. From the arrival of raw materials at the factory to the finished product coming off the production line, every step of the process is monitored, check and re-checked to ensure the best quality from start to finish.

We conform to internationally accepted standards for packaging and labelling, with all ingredients, food additives, nutritional information and expiry dates listed. We are extremely proud of our ISO 22000 accreditation which is audited by an approved certification body. It is with this knowledge that our clients are assured to our commitments to food safety and quality.


Peanut Butter

The biggest product in the Solo Foods portfolio is our peanut butter. We manufacture quality in-house brand peanut butter for Savemor and Spar, Choppies, President Hyper, Unity and Liberty. As our peanut butter brands increase in popularity, our reach has grown further and we now export peanut butter to Botswana and Namibia.

Thanks to our state of the art machinery, unique recipes and only the best raw materials, we can seamlessly deliver approximately 350 tons of top quality smooth and crunchy peanut butter in retail sized bottles to industrial sized buckets every month. To make sure we cater to all needs and markets, our peanut butter pack sizes vary from 400g right through to 20kg.


Our mayonnaise plant boasts the most advanced high-tech machinery and churns out 300 tons of delicious, creamy mayonnaise and salad dressing per month. Again, we use nothing but the very best raw ingredients and the proof of this uncompromising standard lies in the unforgettable taste of our products.

We supply to the various retail and industrial markets, with pack sizes varying from 375g to 20kg. We have long been the producer of the Spar house brand and the product lines include: Spar Original 375g squeeze, 380g, 750g, Spar Tangy 750g as well as the Spar 250g flavoured Mayonnaise (Blue Cheese, Wasabi, Burger and Bacon flavoured mayonnaise). We cater to all needs and markets, our Mayonnaise pack sizes vary from 400g right through to 20kg.


We have most recently launched manufacturing of a new Clover Mayonnaise. By using fresh cream this product promises to take the market by storm. With its ultra-creamy and subtle savoury notes, there is nothing else on the market which can compare to this product.